I'm Jackie!

I'm an Atlanta based sobriety + mindset coach, motivational speaker, retired party girl + self made entrepreneur. I help women transform their relationship and mindset with sobriety, reclaim their power + life, and deeply embody their true self.


Are you tired of alcohol controlling your life?

Is your relationship with sobriety filled with fear, anxiety and stress?

Are you ready to feel POWERFUL, ABUNDANT + FREE?


In 2018, I had reached my rock bottom. I woke up after another night of binge drinking on my closet floor. I was insecure, lost, depressed, confused, STUCK and constantly turning to alcohol to create "meaning" in my life. 

I was terrified, but I was ready.

On June 26, 2018, I committed to living a sober lifestyle and putting in the work to help myself heal. I didn't know what the heck I was doing, but I knew that I needed to change. And now, almost three years later, I have unexpectedly created my DREAM SOBER LIFE! The motivation, the direction, the healthy relationships, the confidence, the self-worth, the abundance and the FREEDOM. 

And now, I am here to teach you how to do the same and keep you accountable + motivated with my modern day NO BS approach private sober coaching.

My private sobriety coaching is here to help heal your relationship + mindset with sobriety in order to start creating the freedom + life of your dreams!

I am here to help women quantum leap through the years, struggles + confusion to get where I am today in my sobriety and gain the freedom at their desired pace.

If you're sick of being stuck, insecure, helpless + frustrated and are ready to seriously commit to creating the abundant, sober life that you desire...

My private sober coaching is for YOU!

Believe me when I say that you stumbled across this page by no accident. This is your soul calling out to you. To tell you that you were meant for more. That you are here to live fully, abundant and free. That you are capable of all of your desires. 

It starts from within. 

What My Clients Say

Jackie was exactly who I needed, exactly when I needed her. Choosing to have a sober coaching call with her was one of my best decisions. She made me feel seen and understood. She wasn't afraid to ask tough questions in order to go deeper into my limiting beliefs. You can feel how passionate she is about her work. I am so happy I found you, Jackie!!

Kristen, WA

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